With over 20 years of experience, our mission is to offer most immaculate repairs and restorations, the most effective string instrumnet setup and sound adjustments. We also carry a large seletions of fine instruments to purchase. In addition, our aim is to engage with each and every client as if they are our only client. we strive for total satisfaction on every phone call , and very transaction. our focus on customer service, honesty and transparency , and unparalleled passion for what we do make us the obvious choice for all of your fine string instrument needs in Pittsburgh.

Come to meet our master restore and cellist (PhD in cello performing major from St.petersburg Conservatory Russia, Artist Diploma from Duquesne University) Dr. Mike Liu. He was born in a musician family, his grandpa was a famous composer, violin maker and mother was a pianist.

For any questions , please call us at  (878) 332 8115 or send us a message.