Domenico Montagnana Cello 4/4 Handmade by Prize Winning Luthiers
This a gorgeous cello with a two piece back that is made of selected flamed maple.The scroll is arti..
Wexford Model WC 308  Standard Cello
Wexford Violins Model WC 308  Standard Cello Perfect starter instrument for your young stu..
Wexford Violins Model 580 Cello outfit
Hand-crafted, professionally set up at our Wexford  workshop by our expert luthiers.  More..
Private Cello lesson with PhD cellist
Yunhai Liu - Cellist PhD in cello performing major from St.petersburg Conservatory RussiaArtist Dipl..
Student Cello 4 4 Full Size with Soft Case, Music Sheet Stand, Rosin and Bow
Spruce top, maple back and sides with beautiful gloss red brown finishAll ebonied fingerboard, pegs,..
Wexford Cello Rental ($38-$56/month)
Online Price (1st 3 Months) Includes: Bass, Bow, Case, Rosin, Strings & Protection Plan(Optional..
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