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Fine Russian spruce top and well flamed maple back, naturally air-dried for 5 to 10 years. It features a hand-applied spirit varnish and mildly antiqued finish. Available from 11 -16 sizes and set-up with Despiau bridge, Wittner-like tailpiece and Dominant Strings.

  • Wood: Fine Russian spruce top and well-flamed maple back naturally air-dried for 5-10 years. 
  • Varnish: Hand-applied quality spirit varnish with a mildly antiqued finish.
  • Fittings: French-made Despiau one-tree bridge, Wittner-style tailpiece, and well-aged ebony pegs.
  • Strings: Alphayue or “Alpha” viola strings are a game-changing breakthrough design for advancing violists.  Brilliant in overtones with a full and dark fundamental sound, they respond immediately to the bow and provide beautiful projection and power.  They also offer a left-hand feel which is gentle and easy, break in quickly and stay in tune, are extremely sweat-proof and quite durable.
  • Professionally installed and 100% sound adjusted in the U.S. for reliable and comfortable playability and optimal sound.
  • Maker experience is 10 years 
  • Hand-applied mildly-antiqued spirit varnish
  • Aged 5-10 years Russian solid spruce top
  • Aged 5-10 years Russian flamed solid maple back, sides, neck and scroll
  • Seasoned Ebony fittings 
  • Wittner-style Tailpiece
  • Guaneri-style chinrest
  • French-made one-tree Despiau Bridge 
  • Thomastik-Infeld Alphayue viola strings