• Sales of violin family instruments (violin, viola , cello and bass), their bows , cases and accessories
  • Repair and restoration of violin family instrument (violin viola , cello and bass)
  • Rehair / repair all bows
  • Rent of violin family instrument (Violin viola cello and bass, we provide both student and soloist  two different levels for you to choose)

Wexford Violin shop was formed by professional cellist (PhD in cello performing major from St.petersburg Conservatory Russia, Artist Diploma from Duquesne University) and luthier  Dr. Mike Liu. He was born in a musician family, his grandpa was a famous composer, violin maker and mother was a pianist.

As a PhD cellist and luthier , Dr. Liu understands exactly what you will needed for your instrument. Over years, our shop has gained a reputation for expert repairs and restorations of violin viola cello bass and bow! We also have a large selection of quality instruments with better price for you choose to buy or rent to purchase.

We bring our experience and extensive knowledge to serve musicians, no matter where you are on your journey.

Come to see us today @@ 10900 Perry Hwy Wexford PA 15090

For any questions , please call us at  (878) 332 8115 or send us a message.