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1. CREDIT TO PURCHASE OPTION- 100% of the instrument rental fee will accrue as long as you continue to rent.  Your credit may be used to pay a maximum of 90% of the purchase price of an instrument.  Rental credit does not include the Protection Plan or shipping charges, may not be combined with, or transferred to, other credit accounts and is redeemable only upon completion of a contract or renewal. Credit must be used within 3 months of the end of the final renewal, after which time it is forfeited.  Any credit unused at time of purchase is forfeited.

2. The renter is responsible for the rented instrument. If the instrument is lost, stolen, damaged or destroyed, the renter will reimburse Wexford Violins for the cost of repair or replacement. If rental payments are current, instrument maintenance and adjustments for normal use or weather related issues such as peg adjustments and gluing of open seams and loose fingerboards, are included free of charge throughout the rental period. Strings replacement are not included.

3. Damage Protection Plan-Each rental outfit (instrument, bow, and case) rented from the Wexford Violin Shop is covered under this plan so to be maintained in excellent condition.  The WVS (we) will repair or replace with comparable items the covered instrument, bow, and/or case in the event of accidental damage , It does not cover loss, intentional damage or string replacement. In the first instance of accidental damage 100% of the repair or replacement cost will be covered by Wexford Violin Shop. Each subsequent accident will incur a 15% deductible.

4. Any instrument or bow can be exchanged for another size at any time at no additional charge.

5. Credit Check- Wexford Violins reserves the right to perform credit checks on applicants. If the rental instrument is to be kept at address other than above, or if the billing address changes, Wexford Violins must be informed of those changes. This is the responsibility of the signee.

6. Payments- After the four month trial period , Payments are due on each month. Payments are made in advanced and will not be prorated.

 7. Returns-The instrument may be returned at any time at which point your account will immediately be closed. The Trial Period  payment is non-refundable. Instruments returned after the due date of the month will be charged the full monthly rate. If you wish to return the instrument to school, Wexford Violins must be notified for pick up. Otherwise, you will be held responsible for any further payments, loss or damage. DO NOT LEAVE THE INSTRUMENT AT SCHOOL WITHOUT NOTIFYING  WEXFORD VIOLINS.

 8. PAST DUE ACCOUNT- Rental payments made more than 15 days after the due date will be charged a $4.00 late fee per month. Each month the account is past due an additional late fee or an amount determined by a periodic rate of 1.5% per month to the unpaid balance will be charged.

9. Returned Checks- A $15.00 fee will be charged for checks returned for any reason.

10. ALL ACCOUNTS THAT ARE SERIOUSLY PAST DUE ARE TURNED OVER TO COLLECTION AGENCIES. If after 60 days no payments or other arrangement had been made, the instrument will be considered purchased. The balance of the current market value plus all late fees incurred will be due immediately. In addition, the account will be billed for all collection, expenses, court costs and attorney’s fee.

11. RENTER’S ASSENT I have read and understood this agreement and agree with all its terms.  I hereby authorize the Wexford Violin Shop (WVS) to charge my accounts until I return the rental outfit.  This authorization is valid until I provide the WVS with a written cancellation.